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  Our Service Philosophy

PRD services are designed to be comprehensive and to require the least possible time involvement from you and your staff.  If you already have a payroll service, we believe you will find our services to be unique, even compared to large payroll companies.  If you are currently processing your payroll in-house, PRD can save you time (and money) so you and your staff can concentrate on running a profitable business and forget about the hassles and worries of processing your company's payroll.

Services can be customized to meet your specific needs. 

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 Service Descriptions

Unless otherwise described below, the fees quoted on our Pricing page include all of the services listed here.



Paycheck Calculation and Preparation


Customized Payroll Reports & Journal Entries


Accumulation of Vacation, Sick  & Holiday Hours


Comprehensive Payroll Tax Payment & Preparation


Employee Benefits Consulting  & Implementation

Paycheck Calculation and Preparation

PRD uses secure check stock to create your personalized laser check.  PRD checks include MICR encoding with magnetic ink and electronic signature option at no extra charge.  Detailed pay stubs will provide your employees with pertinent master file information and easy to understand earnings and deduction accumulations for each pay and year-to-date.

PRD direct deposit services are free (bank fee applies) and include not only direct deposit of net pay, but also any deductions you may choose.  Direct deposit is an excellent time saving feature for employers with a large scattered workforce.

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Customized Payroll Reports

 & Journal Entries


Refer to our Reports page for a listing of standard reports issued each pay.  

Report customization is generally provided at no additional charge.  Our report writing software interface allows almost endless possibilities for customized reporting.  You provide us with the parameters and information you need to see and we will design a report to meet your needs (this may take some time depending on your specifications.)

Journal Entries

A unique service offered by PRD is payroll journal entry preparation.  Each pay we will provide you with an entry ready to post in your accounting software, with your chart of account numbers.  Entries can be distributed by department if necessary and payroll taxes and expenses can be allocated based on your specifications.  

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Accumulation of Vacation, Sick

 & Holiday Hours

Our software will track your employee leave hours each pay and accumulate this information on a year-to-date basis.  Special reports can be requested as often as needed so you can efficiently manage your employees' time off.  

Tracking of leave time (adding and subtracting from each employee's bank of hours) can be done for an additional fee.  Please e-mail us for a quote regarding this service.

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Comprehensive Payroll Tax Payment

 & Preparation


We will pay your taxes when due on time, every time, or we pay the penalties.  What that means for you is to never pay another late penalty again.  If you have been in that situation, you know how costly IRS penalties can be.  Tax payment services cover all federal, state and local deposits.  The charge for our tax payment service is $5.00 per month.  This fee covers all tax deposits as well as payments due with quarterly returns, including your home locality.

Additional local tax checks are billed at the per check charge based on our fee schedule and the number of employees processed on the pay that includes the local tax checks. 

PRD can also pay any of your vendors for payroll withholdings such as Credit Union, Savings Plans, 401K, etc.  These checks are billed in the same manner as described for additional local tax checks.


PRD will prepare all quarterly returns when due including federal, state and local returns.  We will also prepare W-2s and all necessary year end filings.  Our payroll tax service includes all quarterly and annual returns including W-2s.

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Employee Benefits Consulting

 & Implementation

Through our professional affiliations, PRD offers consulting and implementation services regarding Section 125 Cafeteria Plans and 401(k) or other retirement arrangements.  Both plans provide excellent benefits to your staff, while Section 125 plans actually provide employer payroll tax savings as well.

Consulting is free for these plans.  Implementation costs vary and may be free depending on the arrangement selected.

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